Site Engineering

Our engineering team is ready to help industry partner in doing site engineering , measuring wear parts to manufactured, determining alloys as per requirement and upgrading the alloys for optimize result, equipment parts wear life and minimizing production downtime, durability, modified parts to ensure efficiency and effectivity of customers production.

Drafting and method engineering

Our Product engineer have specialized in designing products that provide ease in use, as our product engineering will also calculate and consider benefit for customers from quality side. we applied latest design program that are precise ,our engineering is able to design parts best model and precise to ensure product fit and low tolerance product for manufacture process.

Pattern Making

we are equipped with standards pattern making equipment ,expert pattern makers and considering the standard of metal casting requirements, pattern is crucial which will effect to casting quality so that our pattern makers will produce the pattern according to the engineering method that already provided from our metallurgy experts, the pattern will be inspect and approved before it can be send to the foundry production section

Moulding and Core making

Our sand moulding capabilities are designed to handle full range of casting, semi automated moulding lines are applied in this section to ensure that our production are efficient and speedy. Production with good sand moulds quality will make big difference to the casting, different sand such as silica sand, olivine sand, chromite sand with alkaline phenolic binder system is applied depending on the molten metal to be poured in the moulding process.

Melting and Casting

Our Foundry is capable to produced up to 15ton per casting, equipped with High Frequency Induction Furnaces and improvement of alloys will produced molten metal quality as per International standard, to ensure that the material composition is produce accordingly to the standards, ark spark spectrometer is applied and the molten metal will be tested several times from furnace charging ,tapping until the pouring ladle to ensure that the molten metal that poured to the mould is produced to the in-house quality standards.

Knockout and Shotblasting

To ensure casting can achieve the highest calibre of the casting surface quality. Cooling time of poured moulding will effect the form of metal microstructure and high quality casting before shaken out. While shotblasting process is provided to ensure good quality of the casting surface and erosive to wear, cast part are shaken out of the moulding sand, which is recycled, to help reduce environmental stress.

Heat Treatment

Our foundry is equipped with gas fired , computerized and chart recordable systems, to produce consistent casting quality.The heat treatment furnaces are capable in handling any heat treatment process requirements such as normalizing, hardening, tempering, stress relieving, annealing and all metal requirements.


Casting that required machinery works will be sent to our in-house machine shop for different types machining purpose.

Quality Assurance

we do not compromise quality. We strive to innovate and improved quality control to the highest level. Good product can only be produced with commitment of quality control from the first step of production to finished product. Every part must meet specification starting from dimensional accuracy by tolerance allowance, shrinkage, chemical composition, metal structure and hardness to magnetic particle. Our quality control department is equipped with complete testing equipment from sand testing equipment, metallurgy testing equipment to ready goods testing equipment that will ensure that our products is produced to meet and exceed customers expectation.