Cement Industry

Raw Mill

RST manufactured and supply full range of replacement parts for the raw mill section, we offer parts for raw mill starting from guide vane, liner, diaphragm plate, mill body liner, cross bar, tension rod, shovel to nose and tail ring. Parts are mainly produced with high alloy contents of manganese and stainless steel.


RST provide kiln parts to reduce your cost per ton such as inlet trays, nose ring segments, tail ring segments and inlet castings. our products are engineered and manufactured to long wear life, fit and proper and meet our customer satisfaction. Our casting grades PRSS1 equivalent with SUS 304, 310, 316 equivalent to International standards. We manufacture to provide high wear and heat resistance for kiln parts.

Cooler and Preheater

RST is dedicated to making parts for preheater and cooler pars to perform better with improvement of alloys. Wide range of alloys is available for the cooler and preheater parts such as: -Heat resistance alloy Our Grade of heat resistance alloy which offer optional alloys selection to maximized effect of the thermal hot gas corrosion resistance in Cooler application -High chromium alloys irons Our Grade PRHC1 series of Hi-Cr alloy irons offers best abrasion resistance in cooler cold zone and clinker breaker application, as well as vertical roller mill and grinding mill application -Chromium molybdenum steels Series of PRAS Cr-Mo steels Grades of the Cr-Mo Steels offer hardness and toughness for cold zone applications We offer innovative design and alloys improvement which can give improved production, longer wear life and improved reliability. We offer all casting parts for the preheater and cooler for the cement production from grate plate, cross bar, ring plate, lock segment, inlet chute, damper and elements

Coal Mill

Our engineers will work with our customers to improve wear parts through design and alloy selection. Our first priority is to provide customers with the highest quality parts, which will meet and exceed customers expectation. With wide range of alloy selection produced to specification available. We will supply our casting to achieved customers productivity, effectivity and efficiency. Typical replacement parts for the coal mill section that we supply are roller tire, grinding tire, clamping ring, shell liner , grate hearth

Finish Mill

We have years of experience supplying parts for the finish mill of the cement production. Typical parts that we supply are head liner, shell liner and grate. Our product engineers do case study and improvement to the replacement parts we supplied which was proved to significantly reduced our customers production downtime. Series of alloy category and improved alloy is available to manufactured the replacement parts of the cement plant finish mill parts to achieved its maximum wear life, durability and reliability.