Crusher / Aggregate Industry


RST produces and supply grizzlies parts such as grizzly bar with standard casting process, our high manganese steel with manganese content 13 up to 21 %.

With wide range of high manganese steel specification which is available in our process, we recommend our grade PRM 1 and PRM 2 , will provide the products that we supplied to achieve maximum impact resistant, abrasive and longer wear life. So that customers maintanance hour can be minimise and production hour can be maximize

our engineer will assists customers to do development, improvement and modification to suit customers needs in the field. RST perform wear studies for our customers and analyzing wear patterns in customer industries, We aim to develop, improvement and modification to maximize customers industries.

Jaw Crusher

We have proven to our customers that the right material composition, design and well manufactured jaw crusher parts can make dramatic difference, we study each of our customers site condition and material to be crushed so that we can bring the best choices of wear parts material composition and design which can reduce and achieved : 1. Better crushing sizing 2. Reduce maintenance downtime and overall operational costs 3. Increased productivity We offers Wide range of material choices to match customer requirements. And material composition designed for maximum wear life.

Cone Crusher

We supply standard, heavy duty and custom wear parts for most series of cone crusher parts Our material choices and design for cone crusher parts will match for crushers plant that work under "average" and non"average" condition We can provide all the accessory and inner parts for cone crusher, from bronze inner/outer bush,pinion and bevel gear, mantle core, main shaft, torch ring and others all in one package

Gyratory Crusher

Gyratory crusher is applied in many large crushers and the maintenance operational costs is high which is why needs to consider the right choices of wearparts. Our parts for gyratory crusher from concaves, mantle and liners,spider cap is produced and supply with material toughness ,abrasion durability and high wear resistance, heavy duty and custom designs available .

Impact Crusher

For many years, we meet most problem for Impact crusher parts from horizontal to vertical impact crushers which is high operational cost and short wearlife Through many years Reliance has study and solve lots of customers impact crusher parts to increased the wearparts lifetime dramatically from 20% up to 200% with the right selection of alloys and material composition standard and heavy duty blow bar,impeller bars, curtain, liner plates,VSI anvils and shoes are available to be supplied for high abrasion resistance and longer wearlife between changeouts.


RST Supply full range of crusher production component including conveyor parts such as belt conveyor, roller and brackets

Each of the item we supplied for conveying is to ensure customers can achieved maximum productivity and minimum maintenance hours. As for rollers, optional roller material is selectable steel roller, HDPE roller and PVC roller is available depending on customers requirement.